Growing lavender indoors

growing lavenderAlthough it may not be the first herb that you think of – growing lavender indoors can provide many uses around the home.

If not for use in meals or ‘normal’ cuisine, lavender will make excellent wine, jelly and tea.


Information to get started growing lavender indoors in your home:

  • Choosing & Planting the seeds- What you need to know about which seeds you should pick for the best crop.

Whilst it is usually consider better to find a young plant at a plant nursery, it is also possible to grow lavender from seed.

Lavender seeds will usually germinate better during the early spring or the late fall.

Lavender will grow to be a fairly large plant of around 2 feet tall and about 1-2 feet in diameter. Therefore, you should plant your lavender in large tub planters.

Soil for lavender should not contain any clay but a good amount of sand or even gravel will help.

  • Light & Temperature - How to provide the correct environment for your plants to ensure growth.

Lavender plants will grow fairly well even if they only receive a fews hours of sunlight every day. You should not expect blossom under these conditions however, unless you can put the plant in a place where it will receive around 6-7 hours of sunlight a day.

You can also use a strong grow light (see here) to grow lavender in the winter months.

Even if you plan on taking the plants outside in the summer, you should always keep the plants indoors in the winter as they will not survive harsh conditions

  • Watering – Watering techniques specifically for lavenders.

Regardless of the growing conditions, lavender should be watered sparingly. This is to emulate the natural growing environment of lavender in the wild.

  • growing lavender indoorsFeeding & Nutrition – How to make sure that your plants get all the nutrients that they need in order to survive!

During the winter months, you should reduce the nutrition levels for lavender down to the bare essentials.

Tip- Doing this can allow the lavender to live for around 7 years!

  • Harvesting – How to harvest leaves and how to maximise crop growth for the future.

Blossom production will be increased in years to come if you do not pick the blossom from the first year. After that, you can just trim the tips of the flowers before they open up fully to ensure the best fragrance, flavour and colour.

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